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Product introduction:

The SJ82 series turbocharger is mainly used for truck, coach, engineering machinery and gen set. It is developed by FuYuan especially for diesel engine whose single unit output power is from 100kw-230kw. After more than 20 years of optimization, this series turbocharger has reached the international advanced level in both reliably and adaptability.


◆ High-efficiency compressor broadens the matching range of turbocharger

◆Series of compressor and turbine proposals can meet the matching requirements of different engines faster and better

◆ WG or non-WG Turbine housing can be selected to meet different requirements of low speed and high speed

◆ Water-cooled cartridge can be selected to meet the requirements of gas engine. Water-cooled turbine housing has been developed for engines which have special requirements.

◆ A variety of connection sizes is for selection

◆Comprehensive test items including containment test guarantee the highest security.

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