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Dismantle the air intake pipeline of compressor and check whether the compressor wheel is damaged. Use your finger to rotate impeller in order to check if it rotates freely. At the same time, use hand to check if the axial and radial clearance of turbocharger is normal (reference value: radial clearance<1mm; axial clearance ≤0.2mm can be considered within normal range)

[Generally, except that the impeller is damaged by a foreign articles, if turbocharger appearance is good, shaft rotates freely, two impellers do not wipe the housings, and hand feels the axial clearance and radial clearance is normal (press the impeller by hand gently, if impellers rotate and do not brush the housing ), the chance of turbocharger failure is not high. ]

1.Malfunction parts: turbocharger

Malfunction description: compressor wheel and turbine shaft damaged by foreign articles

2. Malfunction parts: turbocharger

Malfunction description: Abnormal wear of bearing and turbine shaft

Malfunction Checking and Disposal Form

3. Malfunction parts: turbocharger

Malfunction description: oil leakage

The main performance of turbocharger oil leakage on vehicle is:

1. Engine exhaust manifold has heavy smoke, normally is black or blue smoke;

2. Oil leakage at turbocharger intake and exhaust pipeline connection area;

3. Engine power drops, fuel consumption increases.

Malfunction Checking and Disposal Form